CyberDesk is a cybersecurity powerhouse that delivers comprehensive prevention, detection, and response solutions and services

We consolidate cybersecurity research across multiple industries and provide cutting-edge multilayer cybersecurity services and advice

CyberDesk has its own R&D lab for test-bedding the most innovative solutions against cyber threats as well as capabilities to offer a full range of digital forensics





Сritical Information Infrastructure (CII) audit, threat landscape analysis;

audits of networks, systems, applications and other assets, full scope of information security management system (ISMS) implementation;

information risk assessment, management and insider threat vulnerabilities analysis.

development and implementation of the best ISMS practices;

mapping of protection plan for Industrial Systems Security (SCADA), Critical Information Infrastructure (CII), blockchain architecture;

business continuity and disaster recovery planning, cybersecurity policy evolving and implementation.



digital forensics to map, analyze and ensure procedural admissibility of evidence;

digital investigation concerning crypto-assets, privacy violation, intellectual property in cyberspace and cyberespionage;

cyber advocacy: multi-layer support of cyber incident investigation, insurance gap analysis.

cybersecurity trainings and awareness programs;

nurturing and training of professionals applying serious games and simulation techniques in a wide range of cyberattacks;

social engineering pen testing and phishing attack simulations.



mitigation of the effects of cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure, including SCADA, IoT systems, through secure and effective technology testing;

transport security research for protection of rail and air transport systems against attacks carried out with cyber force;

serious games and modelling for Critical Information Infrastructure.

development of behavioral based access control systems;

incident management, user and device tracking platform development and implementation;

authentication methods and models research based on use case needs.

developing of SW tool that enable detailed risk assessment and estimation of likelihood and potential impact of a pre-determined set of risks;

instruments benchmarking effectiveness of current controls in cybersecurity;

strategic, financial, operational, compliance, reputational, and reporting risk mapping.

continuous research of Cryptographic Asset Management System;

grant/revoke policies & procedures, security audits and pentests;

tools for smart contract analysis.


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